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I can't believe I managed to curry this off.

So this week was the TRIUMPHANT return of Weekend Fooding. For this week it was a Chicken Jalfrezi that I attempted. With, in hindsight, appears to be a terribly written recipe.


There's actually an ingredient missing here, because when I was taking the photo Michael and I realised we'd forgotten to buy onions. OH THE SHAME. But a quick run to the corner shop and all was well again. I started chopping stuff up.

We diverted from the recipe in a couple of places here. Firstly instead of chilli powder, we decided to use chopped whole chillies. I just prefer them. Also instead of grated ginger, I just chopped it up as fine as possible, then hacked at it with a big knife for a while. It worked.

I browned, I fried, I added some spices, and the first time it began to look like a curry was after adding turmeric to the chicken and vegetable mix I was frying up:

To be honest, I'd eat that alone.

It was about this time we got out the poppadoms. Now, I'm prepared to try things for myself, but no way am I dicking about making bread any time soon. So these are pre-made, just add lots of BLOODY HOT OIL types and they start like this:

After a bit of the old frying magic though, they turn into this:

And even more, once you've done a ton of them, served up some beer, and prepared some hot chutney, you get this delightful sight:

Needless to say, this pile of poppadoms collapsed quickly under our concerted efforts. Also around this time, I was adding the tomatoes to the mix. Now again I diverted from the recipe, because in the supermarket I was unable to find 500g of chopped tomatoes. I could find 125g and 750g and even 757 grammes however 500g was an elusive target. So what we did was buy a 750g can of whole tomatoes, drained them of their juices, sliced them to buggery and then added a little tomato puree.

Once poured into the mixture it started to look a bit more curryish:

It was at this point that we decided to take a break. Partially because it was very hot in the kitchen, partially because the fumes from the curry were making breathing a little...spicy. But mainly because we'd just heard that there was a champagne shower at the local bar, and the barmaid was wearing a white t-shirt.

Yes we're low and despicable creatures.

Alas the bar was too full (word had obviously spread prior to our arrival) so we returned, chastened and hungry. It was time to add FINAL INGREDIENTS. Which I have to say, transformed it into 'curry like mixture' to 'pan full of stuff that looks remarkably like a curry':

Soon enough it was serving time. The naan breads were out of the oven (non hand made, I'm not that devoted) and the rice was ready (with just a pinch of turmeric in the mix, to give it a golden yellow colour). Put together, by jove we had a meal!

I have to say, this was one big success. I think personally it might've needed a little more salt, and that it was a tad too tomatoey. Next time I give this a go I'll leave the tomato puree right out, but in all other regards it tasted like a curry and looked damn like one too. I was pleased. You can see how pleased here:

So that's it! A bit of a joint effort this week, Michael provided some tips and also did the poppadums, as well as provide entertainment and the cooking space, I provided the recipe and the mess (which he'll have to clean up). Overall; a win.

Then we had tequila sunrises and watched the Simpsons:



Need to work on your titles but aside from that this post didn't 'alf make me grin.

Awesome job! I expect more next week! ;)
Thanks! And yes, this'll become regular again.
Hehe, I had to think a while for a suitably terrible pun.
Damn looks good!
I really was surprised how much like a 'proper' curry it looked. I fully expected it to be Brown Sludge. I'm very happy with this week's results.


wow! This looks soooo tasty :-)