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So this week I went for Jambalaya. I fancied Gumbo, but all the recipes asked for a bigger pot than I have, and I never really trust myself around seafood.

So I decided to go with Daniel's recipe for Jambalaya.

First up, ingredients!
Chicken stock
Cayenne pepper
Chilli powder
Red pepper

I sliced the chillies, peppers, chorizo and the onion:

Then fried up the chicken, trying to get a nice golden edge on them:

I then proceeded to the Frying Of The Vegetables (And Chorizo):

Already looking like something I want to eat. The red colouring of the chorizo spread to everything pretty quickly, giving it all a nice rust colour.

I then realised I had no jugs nor measuring things, and I needed chicken stock. So to improvise, I used two cups, putting half a stock cube in each. Seemed to work anyway.

I poured that in and stuck a load of rice, cayenne pepper and chilli powder in too. I was supposed to leave this simmering for 20 minutes, but I got caught up with Spore and ended up burning my pan again.

But it seemed to work. I then stuck the prawns, fried chicken and peas in, gave it a final stir and served it up.

Looking good! And it tastes pretty damn good too. Except for possibly being the hottest thing I've ever eaten. Which isn't a bad thing, but maybe a little less chilli powder and cayenne pepper in future, if I ever decide to try to get others to eat it too.

So Jambalaya Caper, success!

Now I just have to go scour a pan....


Looks really good:)
It was most nyom! I've still got half left...plucking up the courage to eat it without my insides turning to fire.
Wish I could hop a plane and eat some of it.
Ah...turning the insides to fire is a sign of good food:)
I managed to polish it off after a while. But my god, it's turned my guts into magma. Shows it was good though.