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Egg School

Sorry this is late guys, batteries died on my camera and I forgot to charge them. But here we are and this week, I went to Egg School.

Well, I went to Michael's and he showed me how to cook a fried egg properly.

Firstly, he had roughly a tablespoon of oil in the pan, and made sure that the pan and the oil was at a medium heat before even thinking of dropping an egg in there (I suspect that this was the major flaw I had. I tend to be very impatient with food.)

So once the pan was hot enough, in went the egg. This is it a few seconds after being cracked in:

Also shown: Michael's finger.

From this I could see that it was already solidifying into an egg shape, something my eggs didn't do. I had to chase them around the pan like a poor man's Tom and Jerry. I think this confirms my 'not hot enough oil and pan' theory.

So he left it for a while, and then added some pepper, and started to scoop up some of the hot oil and throw it on the yolk, ensuring that it was cooked through. Ready guys? ACTION SHOT:

So there we go, after a few minutes, one perfect egg:

Which of course, was stuck in a bun, with some 'salsa brava'. God knows what's in that sauce, other than tomatoes and chilli, but damn if that's not the finest sauce known to man.

As a finale, we also stuck some sausage meat under the grill in burger shapes, and fried up some pommes risolle (sort of shredded potato scone thingies):

and had a second round of highly fattening breakfast goods:

All in all, good eggs, good food and bloody good weather:

I think I'm ready to try frying an egg again! Thanks Michael, Thichael.

Next week: I'll be giving something a real go. Haven't decided yet, gumbo or jambalaya...gumbo or jambalaya....gumbo or jambalaya....gumbo or jambalaya.....



Awesome awesomeness!

I'm so jealous of your breakfast right now :(

P.s. pick the gumbo ;)
It was a fantastic breakfast (at 2 in the afternoon, of course. One doesn't do mornings.)

I'm looking at the gumbo, just not sure if I can do it in my current pans. It specifically requires a Dutch Oven, which I would love but damn they're pricey.
Looks tasty....
and I want an egg now for breakfast.

Gumbo looks more exciting, but I'll probably need to shell out for a big ol' pot for it. I'm swaying towards Jambalaya at the moment.

How did you not know how to fry and egg?!

I hate fried eggs. Make paella!
I thought I did know how to fry an egg. Then I tried it after about 2 years not frying and..erm...yes. Disgusting it was.

Those things lasted me all weekend.

Gumbo! I don't know what that is, but sounds chewy.